The proper tools for lawn care

The most obvious tool for good lawn care is going to be a lawnmower. You want to make sure you do your research because while you do want a good lawn mower you want one that meets your needs. Lawnmowers are available in all kinds of types, sizes and costs. Something to consider before purchasing a lawnmower is the size of your lawn. You also need to consider whether your lawn is completely flat or if you have a lawn that sloped. Do you have a lot of tree roots or do you have things like planter boxes that mean you’re going to have to manoeuvre around them. All of these things are going to influence what kind of lawnmower that you buy and of course you will have a budget that you need to stick to as well.

Weeding Brushes

A very handy tool to have is a weeding brush. This is very helpful for when you want to do spot weeding. If you are painting that your weeds with Glypho it’s just a matter of filling up the brush and using the tip of it to take care of the weed. Be sure and keep this away from any of the sure Walter turf.

Other handy tools

A pump action sprayer is great if you have to do large areas of weed control. If you have clay based lawn that you need to loosen the soil of or you need to deal with compacted soil than aerating sandals are great for small areas. If you need to take care of a larger area you want to get a lawn aerator. Measuring spoons are good to keep on hand so that you can accurately put the amount needed for things like fertilizers. A rotary edger is very nice for keeping the edges of shaped gardens or the ends of walkways clear and weed free. If you are laying new lawn you may need a lawn roller. This is used before the turf is laid to spread out the soil and can be used after the turf is in place to help push it in place.

Garden hoses

You probably use your garden hose more than anything else in the garden. A nice solid hose reel is an excellent idea to keep your hoses from getting tangled up. But if you have a garden that needs watered you might want to consider a soaker hose. But you definitely want to have a good everyday garden hose on hand that is long enough to reach where you needed it to.

Different kinds of Sprinkler Systems

If you have a new lawn you definitely are definitely going to need a good sprinkler system. There are many different kinds of sprinkler systems depending upon where you live and what your needs are. Again, talking to your local lawn store might be your best bet in this area.

Things for testing the soil

You can get a combination metre of them will allow you to test whether your lawn is getting enough sun in a certain area or if it’s too wet or to dry. This is handy for garden plants as well. Another thing you might want to keep one hand is a pH testing kit. The pH balance of the soil is very important to the health of the lawn. A good choice is the Manutec soil pH test kit.

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