The difference between Selective & Non-selective Herbicides

The difference between Selective & Non-selective Herbicides

Unsure what is the right product to use to treat unwanted winter weeds in your lawn? This week’s turf tip we look at what’s the difference between selective and non-selective herbicides and how they affect your lawn.

Why it’s important

This week we take a look at Lawn Solutions Australia article on Selective v Non-selective Herbicides. One really crucial thing to remember is making sure you choose the right product to ensure you don’t damage your lawn. Winter dormancy gives winter weeds all the opportunity they need to thrive. But when it comes to fighting the winter weeds it can’t get any easier for winter grass. This is why making sure to pick the correct herbicide available is important when using it on your lawn. It is always really important to make sure you read the label before applying as it might not be what you wanted.

Selective Herbicides

What is a selective herbicide? Well this particular herbicide only works on particular types of weeds or grasses. Bindii, clover. Oxalis and other weeds can be treated with a selective herbicide, such as Amgrow Bin-Die herbicide. For example DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo requires a specific type of active ingredient called Bromoxynil. But a different type of active ingredient such as Dicama will harm not only the weeds but also your Sir Walter Buffalo. Not all selective herbicides are safe for all grass varieties. If not used correctly it could be harmful. This is why it’s extremely important to always read the label to ensure that it’s safe.

Non Selective Herbicides

There are fewer options with products that are Non-selective herbicides. Round Up, Zero and other herbicides have a key ingredient called glyphosate. These non-selective herbicides will definitely kill any living plant it comes in contact with. It can be difficult to control some specific weeds as there are no selective herbicides available or are extremely pricey. This type of herbicide will kill everything. If there is weed you can’t get rid of with a selective herbicide, a tip is get a small paintbrush and paint on the non-selective herbicide to target that particular weed without harming the rest of your lawn. Non selective herbicides like Round Up is best used to kill off old grass to help prepare for installation of a new lawn. This is recommended to help stop the spread of runners and weeds that might run along edges particularly near concrete areas and garden beds. Remember to always read the instructions before use.

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