Soil and Excavating

If you are doing any kind of landscaping you may need to do some excavating as part of the process. Now if the area isn’t very big you can do it by hand using shovels and barrows. But for large projects a machine capable of handling the job is invaluable. Make sure you have an a good operator for the equipment and you will be ready to go.

One of the first things you need to is determine where any service lines or pipes are located before you do any excavating. And it you are going to be removing good topsoil, and you have a place to pile it, keep if for later use.

When doing excavating and preparing soil there are things you can add the will help you get the lawn you want and some of these need to be added in during this stage.

These include:

  • Water storage crystals to help the roots absorb and store water.
  • Wetting agents that help pull water into the soil and penetrate the ground.
  • Fertilizers provide the needed minerals and nutrients.
  • Lime helps control acidic soil and raises pH levels.
  • Gypsum is used to help with breaking down the clay in soil, also known as calcium sulphate.
  • Sir Launcher is a starter fertilizer that provides the proper balance of elements and nutrients – a good choice for getting a lawn established.

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