Sir Walter Is Great for the Environment

Did you know a good lawn helps the environment? We all enjoy a beautiful lawn. It is totally relaxing to sit and enjoy the beauty of a lush, green lawn. But it also helps the environment by producing the oxygen we need to breathe. It also soaks up carbon dioxide. It’s a natural filter and helps cool area where we live.

Making a Difference

Reducing carbon footprints is a big thing these days. Well your lawn can actually help you do that. Your lawn pulls the carbon dioxide from the air and then stores it in the dirt. Trees do this as well but turf can do it more efficiently. This in turns allows the turf to produce and emit oxygen, which man needs to live. Trees stop sequestering carbon dioxide when they get more than they need. Not so with your lawn. It keeps on helping the environment day after day.

Keeping You Cool

Everyone likes to be cool in the summer, which is why we run air conditioners. You may not realize it but the lawn can help keep your home cool. Sir Walter turf does an excellent job at this. A well-kept lawn is 10 degrees cooler than bare dirt. Concrete, pebble mulch and areas like that are 20 degrees hotter than turf and if you are one of those who are thing artificial turf is a good idea, you might want to think again. Artificial turn can be 40 degrees hotter than grass and that heat affects your home. This means you run your air conditioner less, which means less carb emissions.

Grass has other benefits as well. The good fungi and bacteria in the grass is wonderful for breaking down pollutants that are of the organic nature. Grass has the same effect on keeping the area cool as a body of water will such as a lake or decorative water pool. But grass does not result in the water evaporation loss that open water does. It also protects against bushfires.

Keeping Nature in Balance

Wildlife plays an important role in the eco-system. A turf that is healthy provides a place for animals and insects to live and breed. And if you have a healthy lawn you don’t have overgrowth of bush that can be home for animals you don’t want around your home like rodents.

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