Servicing your mower during Winter

Servicing your mower during Winter

Your lawn mower needs regular servicing to keep it in great shape. Without servicing, your mower can tear at your lawn and even break down. Usually at the worst time.

If you forget to run the mower during these cooler months. Your lawn mower may not be able to restart during the summer months.

Mower Maintenance

Mower Maintenance

Lawn mower maintenance can be as simple as some things you can do at home. Or you can avoid the stress and take it to professionals. Winter is the perfect time to take advantage of your lawns slower growth rate. Getting your equipment serviced and ready before the weather warms up and beat the Spring rush.

DIY Mower Maintenance

DIY Mower Maintenance

This time of the year in Winter when you’re not using your mower so often. There is a large range of maintenance kits for all different ranges, models and types. In these maintenance kits you can get spark plugs, oil filters, air filters and fuel stabilizers.

Fuel stabiliser is another important thing to use, as fuel only lasts about 30 days. After then the quality of fuel starts to degrade.

It is also a good idea to check the underside of the mower deck to see whether you need to replace any worn mower blades. Worn mower blades will tear at your lawn leaving the blades of your lawn rough and brown.

Another tip is to ensure that you start your lawn mower at least once a month. Seeing that your mower runs for 5 minutes to see that it is running smoothly.

The professional touch


For people that don’t like to do mower maintenance themselves, we always say go see a professional at a lawn mower repair shop to get your lawn mower serviced.

When bringing it to a professional they have a direct comparison from a new machine to where your machine is at. They will know exactly how much life is left in it and whether it is worth spending the money to fix or replace it.

Lawn mower professionals will get much longer out of your mowers. As they can see things happen before they cost you money. Making sure that the life of the product is there and you can maintain your yard stress-free.

Winter is the time of the year to do your servicing. Getting it checked out even if it doesn’t need any major work done to it.

For more information on lawn mower maintenance during Winter see our handy Winter Mower Maintenance video:

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