Selective Vs Non Selective Herbicides

Selective Vs. Non-Selective Herbicides

Today we are here to talk about Selective and Non-Selective Herbicides. Getting these wrong can mean accidentally killing your lawn instead of killing the weeds you are trying to get rid of.

Selective Vs. Non-Selective

Selective Vs Non Selective Herbicides

Selective Herbicides only harm selected plants, while Non-Selective will harm all plants. There is still a trick however to selecting the right one for your lawn.

Uses of Non-Selective Herbicides

Selective Vs Non Selective Herbicides

Common uses for Non-Selective Herbicides are for killing weeds on hard surfaces such as driveways and pavers. It can also be used for killing off all grasses and weeds before you install a new lawn.

Common brands are Zero and Round-Up. Both products contain the active ingredient Glyphosate. These can be used to kill off weeds in an existing lawn with a careful application.

You should always use a wand or a paintbrush to use. We also suggest using a shield to protect existing grass around the weed.

Uses of Selective Herbicides

Selective Vs Non Selective Herbicides

Selective Herbicides should be your go-to weapon in the war against weeds in your lawn. These herbicides will work on selected weeds and grasses. Meaning that not all herbicides are safe for all grass types.

Some Selective Herbicides are very specific such as Sedgehammer which treats nutgrass and other weeds in the sedge family. Other Selective Herbicides are more general such as Bin-Die. Bin-Die treats a variety of broadleaf weeds and is safe for all lawn varieties.

You should always check the label! Making sure that the herbicide you select is safe for your lawn variety. The most common mistake is choosing a weed and feed product that is not safe for Sir Walter DNA Certified. This will have a catastrophic result on your lawn.

Before you spray, know your lawn and know your weeds!

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