Problems Trees Cause on Your Lawn

Trees are beautiful and shady, but they can cause problems. One of the biggest problems is roots that extend out of the ground. There are several trees that can cause problems because of their extensive root system ie. Liquid Amber, Evergreen Alder, Ficus and Casaurina are just a few of them.

Suckers That Spread Out

There are many trees, such as Robinias, that send up suckers. These spring up from the roots, which means you will end up with saplings all over your yard. Things like mowing or digging, disturbs the root and triggers the suckers. If the root hits something in its path, it will send up suckers. If your yard is small, or your garden area is limited, don’t even plant these kinds of trees.

The Problem of Ring Barking

You need to be careful around the tree trunks whenever you are whipper snipping. If you do this too close to the trunk of the tree it can mean that the bark at the base of the tree will be stripped. This can cause your tree to set back, or die.

Rivalry in the garden

Everything growing in your garden and yard needs the same thing. Whether it is your turf or a tree, it needs light and nutrients. You probably have noticed that under your tree the turf is thinner. One way to help this is to choose a shade-tolerant turf such as Sir Walter. But even the shade-tolerant turf needs a certain amount of light, so be mindful of this when choosing trees.

Mowing your lawn under trees

If you have turf under your tree you want to keep that grass a little bit longer. Never take more than a third of the leaf off the turf when you are mowing. Again, using a shade tolerant turf such as Sir Walter will help in these shady situations.

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