Pre-Emergents & Controlling Annual Broad Leaf Weeds

Today we’re here to talk about a secret weapon for fighting weeds in your lawn. Pre-Emergents. Find out what they are, how they work and what to use.

What are Pre-Emergents?

Pre-Emergents Pre-Emergent herbicides are used to kill off and control many annual broad leaf weeds before they are formed. Applying a Pre-Emergent Herbicide will form a barrier to stop weeds as they pop up. They will stop new root growth to the weeds, killing them as they start to germinate. This happens at a soil level below the thatch layer of the grass. Timing is key with Pre-Emergents. For the best results with most common weeds we recommend an application of prior to Summer and Winter seasons.

What to use

OxafertWe recommend using Lawn Solutions Oxafert Herbicide and Fertiliser to launch a preventative strike against weeds in your lawn. A herbicide as well as a fertiliser, Oxafert is a Pre-Emergent herbicide for controlling weeds during germination and improves the health of your lawn. Oxafert does come in a handy 3kg bag which treats up to a 100m². It is recommended to use the correct PPE and follow the instructions carefully.

How to apply Oxafert

You can use a normal handheld spreader or use the big guns and use a RYOBI battery spreader. Whichever method you choose, make sure to get an even coverage across the area.
Once applied water in with at least 10mm of irrigation. After applying, Oxafert will give up to 10 weeks of protection.

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