Pay attention to the weather

Pay attention to the weather

This week the phones ran hot with people who did not pay attention to the weather. With the start of autumn, this week there should have been a change in climate. Brisbane is still dealing with the same dry weather it is best to take advantage of minimal rain we are receiving.

South East Queensland is unique

The unique climate of South East Queensland makes it vital to pay attention to the weather to keep your lawn in healthy condition. While most parts of the world get four distinct seasons, in Brisbane the seasons are summer and not quite summer. This unique environment creates a unique set of challenges. With the continued rain forecast for the coming and the combination of going into autumn. Wet weather is great timing for some seasonal lawn care and can make good use of the rain to by using less water consumption.

Put that winter prep on hold

The introduction of autumn is a usually a reminder of the important preparations you need to make to get your lawn ready for the winter weather ahead. Despite a cooler change in the South East Queensland weather, the warm and dry weather is set to continue putting those preparations on hold especially with the rain we have been and will be receiving. The positive aspects of putting winter preparation on hold means there is more time to focus on those last minute summer task that are undertaken in the warmer period. One last good feed before winter is possibly even more important for a healthy lawn. By giving your lawn a good feed in autumn you build up nutrients before the leaner winter months.

Water, water, water

While the heatwave broke, the weather remains very warm giving your lawn no respite. In addition, with the forecast rain not eventuating conditions across the region are very dry. It is important to pay attention to the weather at times like this, and to react accordingly with your lawn care.

The only real cure for this extended warm period is water, water, water. Get out the soaker hose, put on a tap timer and give your lawn a deep application of water. The work and water you put into your lawn now will pay dividends in the coming months. The best preparation for winter above all else is a healthy lawn, and one of the main ingredients in a healthy lawn is plenty of water.

Get ready for the real change

While you keep the water up now as the weather remains warm it is important to pay attention to the weather in the coming weeks and months. When we see further cooling in the weather, it will be time to start your winter preparations. Check back in the coming weeks to get more details on the preparations you can put in place to take care of your lawn through winter.

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