Patch up for winter

Patch up for winter

With the growing season winding down, now is your last chance to patch up any holes in your lawn for heading into winter. Use this opportunity to get your lawn all even before the winter dormancy period.

You don’t always need to dig!

Some patches, especially dry patches from our recent unseasonal hot weather don’t need to be dug out, they just need some TLC. Products like Seasol and Charlie Carp are great for breathing some life into a dry or worn out patch that isn’t too far gone. Some customers have had some especially good results using Seasol liquid compost product which is a dynamic soil conditioner, soil improver and plant health treatment.

Time to dig!

If the area you want to patch up is back to bare earth or just too far gone it is time to get out the spade and dig! First you want to square up the patch. Use a shovel or similar to dig the patch out to an easy to fill shape.

Then you want to remove some soil to allow the patch to sit level with the existing lawn. Get the area nice and level and if possible put down some fertiliser to give your patch the best start to its new life!

Buying patches

If you only have a couple of areas to patch up you will probably only need one slab of new turf. While you can sometimes get a slab direct from our sales office in Acacia Ridge, we don’t always have spare turf leftover.

The far better way to buy a single slab to patch in is to visit your nearest Bunnings store. Jimboomba Turf Group exclusively supplies Bunnings stores from Gympie in the North, Dalby in the west all the way down to Coffs Harbour in the south and everywhere in between. These stores getting weekly deliveries of farm fresh Jimboomba Turf, so just find out your local stores delivery day and grab the slab or slabs you need.

Getting the patch in

With your patch neatly squared up, you now just need to cut a piece to fill the whole from your new slab. Cut the slab slightly bigger so it fits snugly, so it can knit in neatly with your existing lawn. Get the patch down and where possible give it a good roll with a lawn roller or at least give it a good stamp with your boot to ensure good contact with the existing soil.

Then it is back to the turf advice that fixes most problems… water, water and water some more! Remember just like a new lawn the area you had to patch up will be getting all of its moisture from the leaf, so until the roots are established you need to ensure you water your new patch constantly.

If you take action now your patches will be established and knitted into your lawn before winter sets in. And if you do a good job you will never even remember where the patches were!

To get more advice on how to patch up your existing lawn or to order a new lawn call our team on (07) 3114 8281. You can also to pop in and order in person at our sales office on 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge. The office opens Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm.

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