One of the mistakes made when mowing the grass involves the use of unsharpened mower Blades. Mowers with unsharpened blades will rip and tear the grass rather than giving it a good, clean cut. This can result in the creation of a breeding ground for fungus and diseases.

Another quite common problem is, cutting the grass too short. Cutting too short will only encourage weed growth, and make your lawn more likely to suffer from heat damage in the dry times, which creates more of an opportunity for insect damage.

The answer is obviously to only cut with a sharp blade. Always ensure that your mower blades have been sharpened before the growing season. You can do this yourself, or have a professional do it for you.

If, however, you live in an area which enjoys a warm climate year round, you will want to check your blades every few months to guarantee their sharpness. Always set your blade height to cut off no more than the top third of your grass’s length. By doing this you will encourage strong root growth. Another consequence of cutting too short, is a faster loss of moisture.

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