Loving Your Lawn

Want the Perfect Australian Lawn?

If you want a definitive source on how to love your lawn and take care of it properly then you need to read Loving Your Lawn. Inside you will find all kinds of helpful articles. There are many do-it-yourself articles as well that lay out step by step things you can do to obtain the perfect lawn.

Australian Lawns is the Focus

There are books and guides written for various types of lawns and grasses, but this is the first on that is written precisely for the Aussie lawn. Written in layman terms and based on Ruck’s years of experience and research. It covers the various types of lawns and turf that are grown in Australia.

Helpful Resource

The tips and practical advice provided in this book is invaluable. It is 126 pages packed full of things that work! There are things to try, advice on different problems that can occur with your lawn and lots of advice on preventing problems from happening. If you want a one-stop guide to lawn care this is the book for you. Loving your Lawn, the guide to the perfect Aussie Lawn is one resource you will want to share with friends and family.

Expert Advice

The information in this amazing little book comes from 66 Australian turf growers. These folks have to know their lawns as it is their bread and butter. With this guide you can decide what is the best turf for you, how to buy it, how to lay it and then how to take care of it. Years of practical experience and knowledge has gone into the publishing of this book. Green Propeller is proud to be the publishing company bringing all this information to the general public. The photographs alone are worth the purchase. We highly recommend this book to anyone who truly cares about having a well cared for lawn.

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