Treating lawn dry patches

Treating lawn dry patches

Has the lawn not been looking thinning or bare? Dry patches might be to blame.

Find out in this weeks article some of the causes of dry patches, the telltale signs and how to solve issues surrounding them.

Causes of dry patches (dead spots)

Not all dry patches are created by the same issue. The most common problems related to dry patches are:

  1. Heat exposure
  2. Pets
  3. Dog urine
  4. Wear
  5. Colour
  6. Water
  7. Hydrophobic soil
  8. Pest damage

Looking out for the signs

Keep a look out for these signs to keep your lawn spick and span.


The colour of your lawn can be an underlying factor as to whether your lawn may have dry patches. Hydrophobic soil and lack of moisture intake can be some of the main factors.

If there are areas that aren’t getting enough water check out our handy video on how to water.

Wear and bare patches

If your lawn is thinning out in particular areas, it may be due to foot traffic. Wear can be troublesome particularly for pets, especially when they want some love and attention.

Dog urine

Known particularly for digging and wear, dog urine is another thing to keep an eye on. The nitrogen in dog urine can create dry patches in your lawn.


Lawn grubs or dry patches

Pest can be troublesome for any homeowners lawn. Knowing the signs can make a massive difference between a healthy and struggling lawn.

Learn more about the telltale signs in this handy article: Look out for lawn grubs.


Not all is doom and gloom when it comes to dry patches. Here are some of our top handy tips to get your lawn back on track.

Colour : Solution

Can lawn survive without water

The colour of your lawn can be a key characteristic as to whether you may have dry patches. Correct watering and hydrophobic soil may be some of the key factors to dry patches in your lawn.

Check out our watering guide: Watering Guide

Learn more about wetting agents below in our handy video.

Wear and bare patches: Solution


Wear and bare patches can be treated easily. Blocking off and keeping clear of the affected wear and bear areas will give your lawn a chance to recover. Particularly for pets keeping them active to stop them from digging and placing pot plants to block their usual paths.

Dog urine: Solution


The best way to reduce dry patches from dog urine is to water the areas that the pet has used afterwards. Also ensuring that your pet is well hydrated to distill the amount of nitrogen. Similar to wear, keeping them restricted from the affected area will help reduce dry patches.

Pests: Solution

Acelepryn GR

Brown patches in your lawn is a common cause from lawn grubs. While the news of lawn grubs is not a great one, it is curable.

Acelepryn GR is a perfect product for residual protection against these pests and can be easily spread on your lawn.

Learn more about the telltale signs and how you can look after lawn grubs in your lawn: Look out for lawn grubs

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