Last days of winter

Last days of winter

With the days warming up the last days of winter are upon us. But the cold nights mean it’s not quite spring yet, so here are some tips for this tricky time of year.

When does winter end

With the 1st of September just around the corner, our calendars are telling us it is almost spring. But as we can see from the still cold nights while it is the last days of winter, spring hasn’t quite sprung.

While Australia uses the calendar months to mark the seasons, the true start to spring is the spring equinox. This is the day when the night and day are the exact same length, from that point on the days get longer than the nights. This year the spring equinox is the 23rd of September.

Hold off on the big tasks

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The cold nights and still short days mean you should still hold off on the big tasks. This means scarifying, coring and top soil should all be put on hold for a bit longer and are best avoided in the last days of winter.

These big tasks put the most stress on your lawn and it is best to ensure spring has truly arrived to ensure your lawn is ready for the stress. By waiting till the lawn is well and truly out of winter dormancy and the days are nice and long your lawn will be growing much stronger and better able to recover from these tasks.

Be ready for the effects of warmer days

With the days already warming up, there are some things you need to already keep in mind for the last days of winter. Firstly, if you had your mower blades raised up for winter you can start bringing them down slightly as the days get longer.

And most importantly the extra heat means your lawn will start growing again, this means you need to start to prepare to mow a little more often than you have been through winter. You also need to start irrigating more to ensure your lawn is getting enough moisture.

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