Is Spring Here

Is Spring here?

With Spring right around the corner. This weeks tip is to see whether your lawn has sprung for Spring and give some early advice for this season.

How can I tell if it is spring?

SEQ Weather

South-East Queensland’s sub-tropical climate means that we do not have any major variances between the seasons. The warming up of weather will not be a specific date on the calendar.

The real sign that the season has arrived is not by the weather but the soil temperature. When the ground warms up, your lawn will get the signal to get out of its dormant winter state. While temperatures during the day are a good indicator, night temperatures are the true key. A sign that the temperature has risen is a sudden increase in the growth of your lawn.

If your ground temperatures have risen, it will be the time to start your early Spring lawn care!

Check out the temperature of your soil: Gardman Soil Thermometer

Things to do now in early spring

Water more:


In early Spring the first thing to do is increase watering. Whilst during the cooler season you may have reduced the amount you water. As it warms up you need to make sure that your lawn will be getting the water it needs.

Feed your lawn:


With the ground warming up, your lawn will be ready to leap into the growing season. After Winter dormancy your lawn will be HUNGRY. It will be the time to give your lawn the first feed of the season. We recommend that you fertilise your lawn within the next 7 to 14 days to give it a great start.

Lay a new lawn:

Lay a new lawn

While you can lay turf all year round. The warmer weather makes Spring the perfect time of the year to lay your new lawn. Your lawn will establish more quickly and will not be too hot to do the work. Your new lawn will be settled in and then be ready before Summer.

Things to do avoid in early spring

Avoid heavy work:


Early Spring is not the best time to top dress, scarify or aerate your lawn. These tasks will put a heavy toll on your lawn when it needs to be its strongest. The rule we use is to fertilise now and then in a couple of weeks get into the nitty-gritty when your lawn will be ready.

Every lawn and home is different. Some lawns will be already going and growing strong and could be ready for these tasks. If this is the case you should contact your local lawn professional to get some advice to see whether you can get in and do the work.

To get some more early spring advice call our team on (07) 3114 8281. You can also to pop in and order in person at our sales office on 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge. The office opens Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm.

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