Is laying turf in winter possible?

Is laying turf in winter possible?

One of the most common questions we hear this time of year is asking if laying turf in is winter even possible. The answer is yes! It is definitely possible to do turf all year round. This week’s turf tip explains the definitive answer to that question.

South East Queensland weather

South East Queensland and the surrounding areas that Jimboomba Turf supply have all the benefits from being a part of the subtropical zone. The subtropical zone stretches down the eastern coastline of Australia from Mackay in the north to Coffs Harbour in the south making it perfect for laying turf even during both autumn and winter.

The zone delivers a mild climate year round, with frosts a rarity and an average annual lowest temperature of 10°C. Even during winter (June – August) the weather is generally dry and mild. It’s this mild weather that makes laying turf in winter definitely possible. This climate means we can lay turf all year round here in our region, and in fact there are some distinct advantages to laying turf in winter.

Winter vs summer advantages

The biggest advantage for laying turf in winter is the cooler days. On a warm summers day both your turf and yourself dry out quickly. On the cool winter days both your lawn and yourself stay fresh for longer! Laying turf in summer you really need to get the turf down as quick as possible, in winter you can work at a more comfortable pace. We still advise that you lay your turf the same day you receive your delivery to help your lawn establish as quickly as possible.

A second advantage is the water required for establishment. Hotter weather makes the ground dry out faster, meaning you need more water through the early establishment phase. By laying turf during winter in the cooler days, less water is required during establishment. With rising water costs this can be a huge saving.

Precautions to take

One problem with laying turf in winter is a longer establishment period. In summer your new lawn will be established in around 2 weeks, however in winter it will take roughly 4 weeks. This means a precaution you should take is to keep traffic off your new lawn as well as avoid the first mow for as much as possible for little longer.

Every season brings its own challenges and winter is the time when weeds tend to thrive. This means when laying turf in it’s important to prepare your surface really well, especially focussing on killing any existing weeds before you lay your new turf. Remember a second application may be needed to ensure any existing weeds are dead, especially as the weedkiller doesn’t remain in the soil.

So the definitive answer to question on laying turf in winter is absolutely yes.

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