Is it Safe to Use Grey Water on Your Lawn?

Many people have wondered if it is safe to use grey water on their lawn, especially since the drought seems to be worsening. With the drought comes increased water restrictions so there is even a greater need to understand whether or not it is wise to use grey water on the lawn. Here is an explanation of exactly what grey water is and why it is a good idea to make use of it when it comes to lawn care.

What is Grey Water?

Gray water is water that has already been used once. It is wastewater from things like doing the dishes, taking a shower or washing laundry. It is water that is used in your home for doing all the everyday things that require water. When you use grey water in your garden and on your lawn you not only are be environmentally conscious but you are saving money as well. The less fresh water you use the lower your water bill.

Grey Water VS Black Water

The government in different areas defines what is considered grey water and what defines black water. Grey water, as stated above, is household water that is safe for reusing on lawns and gardens. Black water is not reusable. It is the wastewater that is in toilets, bidets and urinals. It is extremely dangerous to reuse black water because of the human excrement in the water. While black water can be treated it is a very detailed and specific process. The NSW Health provides very strict guidelines for treating black water but it is not something that is often done, especially in the Sydney area.

Utilising Your Resources

With the abundance of gray water in your home it just makes sense to use it to the fullest. Well over half the water used in homes is gray water and can be reused to supply water to lawns and gardens. You can directly divert it on to your lawn via your own means or you can use a domestic grey water treatment system, or DGTS. When you use a DGTS your grey water will be a better quality and you may even be able to use it for things like washing laundry and in the toilet.

Tips for Setting Up for Grey Water Usage

The first thing you need to before putting grey water to use on your lawn is familiarize yourself with NSW Health’s guidelines for your area and grey water usage. If you have a watering system you only want to use grey water in one that is beneath the soil surface. You can get grey water hoses from most hardware stores. Nurseries usually carry them also along with pH testing kits. Water from baths and showers can be directly diverted onto the lawn. Washing machine water from the rinse cycle can be diverted directly as well. If you are installing a grey water system you want to make sure a licensed plumber does the installation.

Your Lawn and Garden

If you have a garden and plan on eating the vegetables raw, or lightly cooked, then you want to avoid using grey water on those vegetables. Watch your plants and see if there are any changes once you begin using the grey water. You may not need to use as much fertilizer when you use gray water. Many people worry about the amounts of phosphorus and nitrogen in grey water but most of that has been removed in grey water so you can safely use it large amounts.

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