Installing and Laying Turf

Before installing your turf you want to make sure everything is good to go. Here are some tips on preparing the ground for laying turf. We also provide you with tips on watering and fertilising the newly laid turf as well.

Going in the Right Direction

Before you even begin you need to make sure your turf is facing the right direction. This might seem like a no brainer but you would be surprised at the people who make this mistake. The GREEN SIDE goes up – just like it would on an established lawn. The BROWN SIDE goes down.

Planning a Time for Laying Turf

Sir Walter Soft Buffalo is the perfect turf but you really want to make sure you lay it the same day it arrives. So do all your prepping before hand and give your Sir Walter turf supplier time to schedule delivery at the right time. That way you can make sure your calendar is clear. Cutting turf places it under serious stress and is subject to drying out quickly. So get it laid and watered fast is important.

How to Lay the Turf

If you have sloped areas you want to begin at the bottom of this area and use slabs or full rolls all around on the edges. You don’t want the joints to perfectly join up so stagger them. Much like bricks would look. Heavy rains can cause erosion and these areas are prone to dry out and this will help with that. Another problem with lining the joints up is that it creates a crevice which water can easily flow through causing erosion. Take your time, don’t stretch and avoid gaps. You will need a sharp knife to cut the turf. You can also use hedging shears.

Once Its Down

Once the turf is down it needs time to grow a root system and settle. Don’t walk on it or push anything over it. You can lay plywood sheets down over it for protection if the area has to be walked upon. Thorough watering is extremely important. If you are laying turf over a large area you might want to start sprinklers as soon as a big enough portion is laid and then move onto the rest. To finish up roll the lawn. This puts the turf into solid contact with the dirt underneath it.

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