How Your Lawn Helps You

How your lawn helps you

Between the mowing, the watering, the fertilising and all the other lawn care maintenance, this week’s turf tip looks at the other side of how your lawn can help you.

How your lawn helps you with your lifestyle

In a world more and more people are connected to technology, we are spending more and more time indoors. We have gone from needing to chase children to stop playing outside and come inside, to now needing to chase children to play outside.

Creating inviting outdoor living spaces means your lawn helps you and your children. By giving you an outdoor living space to encourage outdoor play. House blocks may not be quarter acre blocks anymore, but with shade tolerant turf varieties like Sir Walter even a small space can be perfect for outdoor play. Many studies have also covered the benefits of gardening. Studies have also shown spending time in the garden reduces stress levels and assists in the recovery from mental fatigue.

It’s not just the kids that can benefit from a nice lawn, pets can too. Sir Walter is not only tough but self-repairing. These means those holes left by your dog’s latest bone hiding adventure will soon be gone and covered over with lovely grass. Another benefit of Sir Walter is that is really tolerant of high traffic on it. It is a soft leaf buffalo grass, that despite how soft it feels, can really hold up to pets running all over it.

How your lawn helps you with your property value

Anyone in the real estate industry will your lawn helps you with your property value. A well-maintained lawn adds to the street appeal and value of your home. A study from Turf Australia found that Australian home buyers would to pay up to $75,668 more for a home with a quality lawn. And while the value if you sell your home is great, don’t forget the value of house pride! It’s a wonderful feeling than having the best lawn in the street.

How your lawn helps you with your environment

Because underfoot, it’s easy to overlook how your lawn helps the environment. Grass may be a ground cover, but it’s still a plant, and as a plant it generates oxygen and improves the quality of air around our home. Just 5m² of lawn creates your entire days’ supply of oxygen.

Also, your lawn helps you and your environment by acting as a filter for both the air and water. Grass removes both dust and pollutants from the air, removing approximately 12 million tonnes of dirt and dust annually. Your lawn also holds rainwater runoff and filters groundwater as it returns to the soil. It’s not just in colour that your lawn is the greenest ground cover.

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