How to work out square metres

How to work out square metres

Have you been looking to spruce up your backyard, but can’t figure out how much turf you need for the space? In this weeks article, we hope to help you work out how to calculate square meters to help you achieve your goal!

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How to measure a rectangle

To calculate how many square metres for a rectangle multiply the length x width.

Example: length 5m; width 10m

Answer: 5m x 10m = 50m²

How to measure a circle

To calculate how many square metres for a circle multiply diameter x 0.80 then by diameter again.

Example: diameter 10m

Answer: 10m x 0.80 = 8 8 x 10m = 80m²

How to measure an oval

To calculate how many square metres for an oval multiply the length x 0.80 then by width.

Example: length 10m; width 7m

Answer: 10m x 0.80 x 7m = 56m²

How to measure a triangle

To calculate how many square metres for a triangle multiply the length x width and divide by two.

Example: length 10m; width 5m

Answer: 10m x 5m = 50 ÷ 2 = 25m²

How to measure complex shapes

To calculate how many square metres for a complex shape first divide the total area into simple shapes and calculate these areas.

Example: Rectangle: length 10m; width 7m. Triangle base 10m; height 5m

Answer: 10m x 7m = 70m² PLUS 10m x 5m = 50 ÷ 2 = 25m² TOTAL: 95m²

How to calculate cubic metres (for soil)

To calculate how many cubic metres of soil you need,

you need to multiply the length width and height.

Example: length 10m, width 10m, height 3m

Answer: 10m x 10m x 3m = 300m³


It can be a hassle if you do not measure up properly before laying turf, as you may run out before you finish the job.

It is also crucial to always order extra turf, this allows you to cut in your turf properly around complex shapes and areas such as trees.

If you require any further tips on how to measure call our team on (07) 3114 8281. You can also pop in and order in person at our sales office at 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge. The office opens Monday to Thursday 7am to 5pm, Friday 7am to 4pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm. Our Acacia Ridge office also has a display area where you can kick off your shoes and try out our grasses before you buy.


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