How To Reduce Pet Wear On Your Lawn

How to reduce pet wear on your lawn

If you have noticed major pet wear to your lawn. We have some paw-some pet friendly tips to help reduce some common problems on your lawn.

Turf Variety

Though you wouldn’t think how important it is, what turf variety you have can make or break the health of your lawn. Having a wear-resistant lawn will be most important. TifTuf Bermuda is a superb turf variety that recovers and grows quickly. Buffalo grasses such as Sir Walter DNA certified are also hard wearing and are perfect for shade, though they will take longer to recover. Soil preparation and type can also play an important role for your lawn.

Reducing wear and tear

Pets can use specific tracks constantly, ultimately causing heavy foot traffic on specific parts of your lawn. Placing obstacles such as pot plants will force them to take a different path, giving your lawn the chance to recover. Specifically, this can be problematic in Winter and also if you have shady areas.
Pot Plants


Soil compaction can be a prominent problem with pets. It is key to address it regularly to keep your lawn looking its best. Compaction prevents nutrient, air and water from accessing the parts of your lawn where it is needed most. Aerating your lawn will solve this issue and will punch holes through the thatch layer allowing nutrients to then reach the right destination. For more information about Aeration see our handy article: Winter Lawn Aeration

Reducing digging

Keeping pets busy and giving them attention will reduce unnecessary digging to your lawn. Keeping them active, distracted and taking them for regular walks will help reduce this damage.
Keep them active

Temporary fencing

Another handy tip is to set up temporary fencing. If none of the above have worked for your lawn it is now the time to set up temporary fencing. Setting up fencing will stop pets from accessing these worrisome spaces and will give your lawn enough time to recover.

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