How much to water a new lawn

How much to water your lawn

How much to water your lawn is a common question we hear. People often underestimate how much water their lawn needs especially when we get a period of warmer weather.

New turf is especially easy to dry out and it’s important as the weather warms up to make sure you get water in fast.

#1 Watering a little bit, but often

If you water often but only a small amount the water stays in the top layer of the soil, this means your lawns root structure also stays in the top layer of soil.

A longer deeper watering sends water deeper into the soil and the root structure of your turf follows it making a stronger lawn. To get a deeper watering we recommend you don’t water by hand, instead you should get a good quality sprinkler or soaker hose.

#2 Not watering new turf often enough

New turf needs a helping hand to get established, not knowing how much to water your new lawn in the first weeks is a very common mistake we see.

Depending on local conditions we recommend the following:

· Weeks 1 & 2: 1-2 times daily

· Week 3: Once every second day

· Week 4: Twice a week

#3 Not watering fast enough as you lay turf

As the weather warms up its vital for your new lawn to get water as soon as possible. In warm weather this means starting to water your lawn before you finish laying the entire area.

This works best if you have someone who can jump on a hose once you have a section down and they can water while you continue laying the rest of the lawn.

How much to water your lawn

Unfortunately your lawn can’t tell you if it’s still thirsty, but we have a great little ‘life hack’ to help you measure how much water has gone into your lawn. Mark 20-30mm on the side of a plastic container and put it on the lawn under your sprinkler. When the water level reaches the mark that area has had enough water and it’s time to move the sprinkler.

And in the warm weather remember, if you are thirsty so is your lawn!

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