Heat Tolerant Lawn

Heat Tolerant in the Aussie Sun

Australia is known for the hot weather periods it often experiences and this can really stress your lawn. But Sir Walter turf can tolerate the heat a lot better than some other grasses. Even with its heat tolerant characteristics there comes a time when the heat will be too much for too long. This is when you have to choose your options.

To Water or Not to Water

This is the question lawn owners are faced with when the heat gets intense for long periods of time. If left on its own the grass will turn brown but spring back to life eventually. Or you could water it through the hotspot. Which is best?

Water Deep

If you do decide to water than you are going to have to do it when the problem first crops up. If you wait until your grass is wilting then it is almost too late. When you do water then make sure you water the lawn deeply. Lawns on pure sand are going to require watering more often.

Benefits of Deep Watering

When you water deeply you do not have to water quite as often. The deeper water stimulates the roots to grow deep, while watering lightly does just the opposite. The deeper your root systems the better the lawn can handle the drought conditions and become heat tolerant. Using Lawn Launcher when they lawn is first laid can also help. It has moisture magnets that will help pull water into the lawn. You can also add a light dressing onto the lawn and this will help hold in moisture like a mulch would do.

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