Hang on to Your Backyard

Hang on to Your Backyard

We need to hang on to the classic Aussie backyard! Find out why our lawns mean so much for us, and how you can make your own yard a classic Australian backyard.

The Aussie backyard is under attack!

With houses getting bigger and blocks getting smaller the classic Australian backyard is facing increased pressure for survival. With the popular rise in Do-It-Yourself and landscape TV programs, many conceptualisations have disregarded the lush, green and natural lawn, which is iconic in Australia.

Now, artificial products, concrete applications and brick pavers that cover many backyard and path areas. This leaves little if any real green grass expanse to speak of. Perhaps it is in an effort to convert outdoor areas into practical living space by installing hardscapes and elaborate decking. Although these plans have some appeal, there are drawbacks associated with this sort of outdoor plan.

Also many customers believe they can’t have lawns because the grass varieties can’t thrive in their modern spaces. With the evolution of premium grass varieties this doesn’t have to be case.

Positive Benefits of a lawn

There are numerous arguments that can be made in favour of an expansive and lush lawn for a backyard. One of the largest benefits has to do with the way a lawn combats the extreme heat. Are you aware that grass remains cooler than any other surface in direct sunlight? If you think about walking around barefoot on a hot surface where do you go to get relief? The grass of course. In fact, asphalt and concrete are a full 30 degrees hotter than natural grass. Natural grass is cooler by a margin of 20 degrees over the synthetic grass alternative, and its 14 degrees cooler than straight soil. Think about it; who would rather walk across the heated surface of synthetic grass, not just the uncomfortable texture but the radiant heat will have you running for your pool. Now, when have you ever had to sprint across your lawn because your feet were burning hot?

Another consideration to take into account when deciding on a natural lawn is the ecological benefits natural grass has to offer. Studies show that when it comes to global warming, grass lawns have identical cooling effect to 8 tonnes of straight air conditioning. What’s more is that grass automatically absorbs outside airborne pollutants. Without the existence of a lawn to protect the ground, these pollutants and sometimes harmful substances which would be absorbed into the ground and eventually the water table and streams. Don’t mistake what a difference the lawn makes in this situation, as its proven that just 2,500 square meters of lawn will absorb through its surface area ample carbon dioxide and release sufficient clean oxygen into the fresh air supply to support a four-person family each day.

A naturally good choice for your family

Of course we’ve yet to mention the biggest benefit; an expansive lawn provides plenty of room for children and grandchildren to play outdoors. When kids are looking to play cricket they certainly can’t do it on deck or hard surface, they need a backyard. Even the best off-spinner can’t bowl on a deck. What’s more is that all types of hard surfaces are accompanied by routine maintenance. Pavers are forever succumbing to grass and weeds growing up between them, asphalt needs resurfacing after a period of time, and synthetic grass fades and frays. Who wants such tasks to take on year after year?

Stick with the natural and many benefits of grass lawns, make your backyard an oasis and bring the countryside back to your home’s property for you and your family to enjoy. With new lawn varieties needing less maintenance than traditional grasses and performing in even the most challenging environments you don’t have to give up on the traditional Australian backyard.

Have a look at the turf varieties Jimboomba Turf has on offer to see which one suites your home best. From the shade classic Sir Walter DNA Certified, to the ultimate in winter colour and lowest water usage TifTuf Bermuda and the low maintenance & fine-leaf shade-tolerant luxury Sir Grange Zoysia there is the perfect lawn for every Australian backyard.

To get some more advice on how you can make a classic Australian backyard work for your home call our team on (07) 3114 8281. You can also to pop in and order in person at our sales office on 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge. The office opens Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm.

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