Getting your lawn ready for the holidays

Getting your lawn ready for the holidays


Get Your Lawn Ready for the Holidays with These Essential Prep Tips

As the school year winds down and summer break approaches, your lawn is gearing up for its busiest season. With family gatherings, outdoor games, and the kids enjoying the longer days, your lawn is about to become the center of it all.

Maximize Your Lawn's Health for Summer and the holiday season

Summer holidays put immense stress on your lawn with increased foot traffic, scorching heat, and dry weather. Ensuring your lawn is well-prepared becomes crucial for its health during the upcoming months.

Mowing Techniques Matter

A common mistake is cutting grass too short in an attempt to save time. However, for a thriving lawn, longer grass is the key. It's more efficient at absorbing moisture, especially as the roots delve deeper. Aim for specific mowing heights based on your grass type to maintain optimal health—this step is vital for summer preparation. Additionally, check and sharpen your mower blades regularly to ensure a clean cut without damaging the grass.

Hydration Is Key

With warmer weather approaching, your lawn will thirst for more water than usual. Adjusting your watering schedule is essential for a healthy summer lawn. Deep watering is crucial; it encourages deep root growth, making your lawn more resilient. Measure the water intake using a marked container under the sprinkler to ensure the right amount reaches the soil.

Fertilization for Vitality

If you haven't already, giving your lawn a slow-release fertilizer boost is the final step in summer preparation. This nourishment sets the stage for robust growth in the coming months. Plan your fertilization before other lawn treatments like aeration or top dressing for maximum benefit. Our premium Lawn Solutions Fertilizer is a perfect choice for any lawn and is available at our online store or our office in Acacia Ridge. 


Maximize Your Summer Lawn Prep with ColourGuard

Integrating ColourGuard into your summer lawn prep routine adds a quick and effective boost of green, ensuring your lawn looks its best during the festive season. It's a fantastic way to complement the health and beauty of your grass.


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