Getting Ready for a New Lawn

Installing a new lawn is a lot of time, effort and expense. You want to make sure all of that pays off so you need to prepare well for your new lawn. Here are some tips that can help you make sure your new lawn gets a solid footing and turns out healthy and green.

Deal with Weeds

Get rid of all the weeds you can ahead of time. A weed killer like Glypho 360 can be sprayed on the area and can remove not only weeds but any grass or other vegetation that is already there. Be sure and read the instructions and safety precautions before applying.

Preparing the Spot

If there is existing grass on the spot many people will try to dig it out. This doesn’t always work as some roots can be quite lawn. If you are trying to improve the soil consider adding gypsum if the soil is mostly clay or organic matter if it is sandy soil.

Good Soil Already There

If the soil where you are laying the turf is already good then you won’t need to add new top soil. Just use a rotary hoe to cultivate it, or a hand mattock if you don’t. You can use turf underlay soil mix before laying the turf if you want to be sure and give your lawn the best start possible.

How Much Soil?

This is fairly easy to figure out. You need 1 cubic metre per 10 spm for every 100mm of depth. First you cultivate the soil, then spread over that the turf underlay soil mix and then spread some Sir Launcher to boost that lawn from the start. Now mix all of this into 75mm of the top soil and you are ready to lay your new lawn.

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