Get A Head Start On Winter Weeds

Get a head start on winter weeds

As the weather cools down the growth rate of your lawn slows down, but at the same time unwanted weed growth starts to speedup. Now is the time to get a head start on winter weeds before they start poking their heads through.

Act fast with winter weeds

It is very important to take care of winter weeds promptly. The longer you leave them the more chance you give them to germinate and the seeds will spread through your soil. This will create another big headache come springtime.

Different winter weeds need a different approach to remove them. And it’s very important to ensure any products you use are suitable for your lawn. While some lawns like Sir Grange zoyisa and Sir Walter DNA Certified are better at smothering out weeds, this time of year winter weeds thrive. If you have a Sir Walter lawn it is very important to ensure you only use products suitable for your buffalo lawn.

If you aren’t sure what weeds you have you can use our Weed Identification Guide

Bindi, broad leaf weeds & clover removal

Bindi, broad leaf weeds and clover all thrive in the cooler months by taking advantage of your lawns dormancy. By thriving they become very easy to spot, and therefore very easy to pull them up by hand. If you do pull up your winter weeds by hand it is very important to ensure you pull up the entire plant including the complete root system.

To kill these winter weeds roots you can kill them with the right product. A great product that is suitable is Amgrows Bin-die Selective Lawn Weeder. It’s also safe for use on most grasses including such as Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn, TifTuf Bermuda, Sir Grange zoysia, Nullarbor Couch grass and all other lawn types.

Winter Grass Invasion

Winter Grass Invasion

Winter grass is another weed problem this time of year. Becoming infested throughout winter. Winter grass has fine, bright light green leaves, with a fine spider web like root system it can choke out the root system of a lawn.

The good news is that you can actually pull this weed up by hand, and there is also a very specific product you can purchase to ensure it doesn’t return. Amgrow Winter Grass Killer is available from your local Bunnings store and is safe for use on Sir Walter as well as common couch grass varieties.

Nutgrass and other sedge seeds

Nutgrass and other sedge seeds

Nutgrass belongs to the Sedge weed family and can quickly become invasive. As it is a sedge weed it’s not just the above ground weed that you have to worry about, the nut below the surface will spawn new nuts and new weeds if left untreated. It is important to not just pull nutgrass out by hand. To ensure it doesn’t return you must kill the nutgrass weed by treating the nut.

Sempra or Amgrow Sedgehammer are the best products for removing nutgrass and other sedge weeds. While these products are more expensive than other weed killers, you use a lot less of this product. It is also import to remember that the cost of a nutgrass remover nothing compared to the cost involved if these nutgrass takes over your lawn.

Getting Rid of Onion Weed

Getting Rid of Onion Weed

Onion weed is another winter weed that it is vital to not just pull out by hand. When onion weed is pulled up by hand the bulbs at the root of the weed detach and spread. Also there is no selective herbicide that works on onion weed so it is not possible to do a general spraying.

The only way to kill onion weed is to mix water and a product with the ingredient called Glyphosate. Apply with either a weed wand or a brush and adding a drop of dishwashing liquid to your mix to help the weed killer penetrate the leaf by breaking down the plants waxy coating. It is VITAL to not get this particular weed killer on the grass around the onion weed, as glyphosate will kill everything it touches including your perfectly healthy lawn.

Get the Right Tools for your winter weeds removal

Get the right tools

The right tools always make working with your lawn easier. A pressure sprayer makes spraying large areas easier and a spot weeding wand helps focus on specific weeds. Measuring the dilution rate carefully is also very important. By adding more than the recommended rate you can damage or even kill your lawn. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before applying any chemical. If you want to remove weeds without chemicals you could even buy Fiskars 4 Prongs Xact Weed Puller. This allows you to remove weeds effortlessly without the need for bending and kneeling.

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