Flood Damage Avoided with Sir Walter

Any time you have lots of rain that results in pooled water your lawn can be in trouble. But there are grasses that can withstand it better than some others and Sir Walter is one of those.

Water Damage to Lawns

If you have a grass like kikuyu and you end up with pooled water for more than a day you could be in real trouble as it does not handle that well. Lawns can become flooded with water that can’t be absorbed resulting in a boggy area that will kill the grass. But you can reduce problems by using a turf that drains better which means less pooling. Another thing you can do during this time is keep as much traffic as is possible off the lawn. This will prevent the ground from becoming compacted.

Dealing with Silt

With flooding comes silt. This can build up on your lawn and get so bad it needs to be shovelled off. But if you are lucky, it will be an amount that is easily hosed of the lawn.

Choosing the Right Lawn

The grass you have in place is going to make a huge difference in how your lawn handles heavy rains and the pools of water that can be a result of that. Sir Walter is a flood-resistant grass that can handle many harsh conditions, including flooding, that can end up wiping out other types of lawns. It’s a lawn that is self-healing and can handle not only flooding and heavy rains but drought conditions as well. And since we never know which we will be getting in Australia, a lawn that holds up to anything the weather can through at it is a good choice.

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