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Support Healthier Living & Feel Turftastic On World Health Day

Support healthier living now and into the future – and play your part with the perfect lawn. Take action and inspire others for a healthier tomorrow by getting behind World Health Day in 2022.

The focus for 2022 is to support actions that keep us healthy, keep our planet safe and encourage us to focus on our well-being with clean air, water and food.


Nine out of ten people breathe polluted air which creates medical conditions such as lung cancer, heart disease and strokes that are traced back to air pollution. The reduction and climate-friendly introduction of alternatives to fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas) would greatly assist to achieve the objectives of World Health Day 2022.


The World Health Organisation has reported 2 billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water. Action is needed to protect the earth’s water by preventing sewage, waste and chemicals from contaminating lakes, rivers and groundwater supply.


Steps you can take now include buying your groceries direct from the farm at Scenic Rim, with their fresh produce delivered daily to Brisbane. By supporting our local producers, you can assist to reduce the carbon footprint of grocery shopping. Avoid highly processed food as well, so your body gets the full nutritional value of what you are eating.


Staying turftastic all year round with a healthy, pest-free lawn provides many benefits to you and the environment. This includes:

  • Reducing runoff: Turf slows the speed and flow of water which allows the water runoff to be absorbed into the turf, then the soil and assist maintaining groundwater reserves.
  • Filters pollutants: Heavy rain and flooding attracts rainwater that is contaminated with pollutants and other chemicals, but your lawn acts as a filter and absorbs these contaminants into the soil where the contaminants are broken down and removed (before reaching groundwater reserves).
  • Assist with cleaner air: Turf is a dense texture and helps trap dust and airborne allergens within the turf.
  • Adds to fire safety: Well-maintained turf can assist with creating a fire barrier, with the potential to counter large-scale fires if appropriately positioned.
  • Helps regulate temperature: Keeping your turf in perfect health will ensure the turf remains cool. The comparison to other surfaces means turf is 15 degrees cooler than concrete and 30 degrees cooler than artificial turf.
  • Turf supports carbon removal: The turf roots store carbon for a long time which assists remove the carbon from the air. The carbon is stored within the roots as part of the photosynthesis process (where carbon dioxide becomes plant biomass).


All year lawn maintenance is required to keep your lawn weed-free, pest-free and growing to the best of its ability.

By applying a little love and lawn care products, your lawn can help keep you healthier and assist you to contribute to the objectives of World Health Day 2022.

We recommend regular application of fertiliser with the right amount of water to keep your turf looking and feeling turftastic.

Our office and online store offer a range of lawn care products to support you establishing your new turf and maintaining turf hydration through to keeping your turf nutrient-filled and combating weeds, lawn grubs and other pests.

Click here to view our lawn care product range.


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