Thatch is a layer of dead grass and roots that can develop between turfgrass and the soil layer, and it can be quite a problem. You need to use the proper equipment to dethatch in order to avoid any problems. A common lawn care mistake is to attempt to totally dethatch in one pass, or do it on wet grass.

Do Only as Needed

Dethatching should only be done when needed. Remember that a small amount of thatch is a good thing that will help your lawn to moderate soil temperatures. To determine if your lawn needs dethatching, simply remove a small plug of turf which is several inches deep. If the layer between the grass and the soil compresses to ¾ to 1 inch, then you may want to dethatch.

Use the Right Equipment

The proper equipment is available at almost any rental outlets. They are often called vertical mowers, dethatchers, power rakes, or verticutters. Any mechanical dethatching should be done in the late summer or early autumn. Be sure and follow all the appropriate safety precautions which pertain to the equipment used. The material which is dislodged by dethatching should be collected and discarded.

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