Dealing with frost damage

Dealing with frost damage

Frost damage has hit lawns across our region after some very cold nights. Frost damage won’t kill your lawn but it can cause significant discolouration. Here are some tips on how to identify and deal with frost damage.

What is frost damage?

Frost is the result of your lawn freezing, typically occurring in the early hours of the morning. While warm season grass varieties already lose some colour in the winter, frost damage can cause significant discolouration. Frost damage can be especially obvious in areas where the lawn that is under trees or the eaves of the house remain green while the open exposed areas are completely discoloured.

This discolouration is the result of the cell wall of the grass being damaged when frozen, slowing down photosynthesis. While the lawn can look dead it is very much alive, though the damaged part of the leaf will not get its colour back.

Returning to green

You can actually do nothing and your lawn will bounce back as green as ever from frost damage. As we said earlier a frost damaged lawn isn’t dead, the leaf is just damaged and discoloured. As the leaf grows the new leaf will be green and you will just mow off the discoloured portion of the leaf.

You can help speed up this recovery by giving your lawn a good feed of fertiliser as the weather warms up. This will encourage the leaf growths speeding up the time the new leaf will grow for you to trim off the discolouration.

A quick colour fix

If you have an urgent event such as a party or are trying to sell a home there is a quick fix. You can use a lawn colourant like ColourGuard which will instantly green up your lawn and hide your frost damage.

ColourGuard is a 100% organic plant-based pigment which can be applied to discoloured grass. Coming in an easy to use hose on pack ColourGuard will dry in 2 hours of full sunlight and won’t wash off with water or rain. This will give your lawn a natural green shade until the new growth comes through in spring.

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