Can you grow Sir Walter DNA Certified from seed?

Can you grow Sir Walter DNA Certified from seed?

We occasionally get asked if you can grow Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo from seed. This week we take a look at the answer and find out which varieties can and can not be grown from seed.

Can you grow Sir Walter DNA Certified from seed?

We often get asked if it is possible to grow Sir Walter DNA Certified from seed. While we wish you could, it unfortunately is not possible. Sir Walter DNA Certified is not the only grass this is true to, most warm season and drought-tolerant varieties can not be grown this way.

Sir Walter DNA Certified produces male seeds that are sterile meaning that even turf farms have to grow them from stolons (runners). Similarly, neither TifTuf Bermuda or Sir Grange Zoysia can be grown from seed.

All three of these varieties can only be grown from stolons.

How do you grow Sir Walter DNA Certified on a farm?

Since it is not possible to grow Sir Walter and other warm-season grasses from seed, on farm paddocks have to be planted out with stolons or runners.

To do this full slabs of turf are fed into a row planter where they are chopped up and embedded into the soil.

A roller then comes through and rolls the area helping ensure sprigs are embedded in the soil. The area is then irrigated and fertilised and the stolons spread as they grow eventually filling in the entire paddock.

What turfgrass varieties can be grown from seed?

If you want to grow grasses from seed you can try rye, blue grass or fescue. They are all cool weather grasses though and do not usually do well in South East Queensland’s climate due to the heat. They can be used to oversow warm-season grasses in cooler months ensuring a year round luscious lawn.

There are some couch blends available from hardware stores. These blends contain a percentage of couch seeds and a cover crop. The cover crop will grow first allowing the couch to slowly come in. This is a very slow process and will add extra maintenance and water costs to your project which can also struggle in our climate.

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