Best lawnmower for your lawn

Best Lawnmower for your Lawn

Picking the best lawn mower for your lawn is vital. In this weeks article, we will break down the types of lawn mowers and help you work out which is best for your lawn.

A selection of the best lawnmower options

Rotary Petrol Mowers

Best for traditional blocks. Powerful, affordable and easy to use; rotary petrol powered lawn mowers have long been regarded as the best for most situations. With options including wider or narrower cutting decks, 2 or 4 stroke engines and mulching or catching setups. It is the perfect rotary petrol mower for almost every lawn.

Rotary Cordless Mowers

Best for small to medium lawns that are mowed frequently. Advancements in battery technology have made rotary cordless mowers the best for domestic applications. A great option for mowing your lawn if it is small to medium, it truly takes advantage of electric mowers by adding freedom of cordless operation. Priced similarly to petrol models they are cleaner to run with no fuel to mess with. While the power of electric mowers have come along way, they still don’t quite match their petrol cousins. So if you buy one be sure to mow regularly as they will struggle when the grass gets long.

Cylinder Mowers

Best for very flat lawns that are kept putting green perfect. 

Do you want a putting green perfect lawn? Then it’s time to upgrade to a Cylinder Mower. Perfection comes at a price though as these bad boys will definitely put a big dent in the bank balance. But, can you really put a price on having the best lawn in your street?

Ride-On Lawn Mowers

Best for acreage. The suburban kids dream mower. Ride-on mowers are the perfect tool for mowing your lawn if you have a large lawn block or live on acreage. Be sure to remember to duck when you are going under trees!
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The best lawn mower for your lawn starts with size, a big lawn needs a big mower with a big powerful engine. Smaller lawns give you more options and you can consider the ‘cleaner’ battery and electric options; just remember you really need to mow very frequently otherwise they will struggle with the long grass.

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