Be Careful How Low You Cut Your Lawn

Without a doubt, mowing the lawn is something everyone who has a lawn anywhere is going to do. Being able to tolerate being mowed is what makes turf grass different from other types of grasses. It is however, unfortunate that many lawn owners are making this task harder than it should be by not using the correct methods. So, the following is a review of Mowing Basics.

Even though our lawns can tolerate mowing it is still a stressor on them. The best times to mow and reduce this stress is in the evening or early morning. You will want to avoid mowing in the heat of the day in order to reduce damage to the grass, and never mow when the grass is wet. By not mowing when it is wet you will help reduce the chances of disease, and your mower will make a better cut.

Remember to only cut the top third of your plant growth, as a more drastic change in height will cause more harm than good. Always use a mower with sharp blades so that you will produce a clean cut rather than tearing the plant with dull blades. A sign of dull blades is that your grass will show a brown cast after mowing. A torn lawn is much more susceptible to fungus growth. Be sure and check your lawn after mowing to ensure that your mower is at its best.

You will want to leave the clippings on the lawn as long as they are not excessive. This will quickly decompose and return the nutrients back to the soil. If you remember to only cut the top third of your growth this should not be a problem. While a mulching mower is ideal for making clippings smaller, if you are following the rules a standard mower is sufficient. When mowing, the grass will have a tendency to lay over, thus creating patterns over time. You can avoid this by changing your mowing direction frequently. This will also help to reduce traffic patterns, which can lead to wear and compaction of the soil.

Remember – the golden rule is to only take 1/3 of the leaf off every time you mow. If your lawn has grown too long, simply take 1/3 of the leaf off, and then do the same again in a few days time. The few days between cuts will give it enough time to recover so that you can take another 1/3 off. By cutting twice in one week you will quickly be able to reduce the height of your lawn without causing any damage.

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