5 Common Lawn Problems & How to Avoid Them

5 Common Lawn Problems & How to Avoid Them

Keeping on top of lawn damage is a hard task. Whilst you and your lawnmower will be maintaining your lawn, other factors will be at work to help undo your hard effort.

In this weeks article we hope to go through these problems and help you keep on top of them.

#1 – Too little or too much sunlight


We all love going to the beach to get some sun and the same goes for your lawn.

Your lawn loves and needs sunlight. Make sure, especially during the cooler seasons that your lawn is getting enough sun so that it thrives.

On the flip side making sure that it is not getting too much sun and that it is struggling to hang on.

When your lawn is getting extra amounts of sun, be proactive about watering it to keep it happy and healthy.

If your area is shaded because of trees, try pruning back branches to allow your lawn some extra light. In particular, during the Winter season, different varieties such as TifTuf Bermuda and Nullarbor Couch will need this extra sunlight.

If you are struggling with shade, varieties such as Sir Grange Zoysia and Sir Walter DNA Certified are perfect for such spaces.

#2 – Wear

Heavy amounts of foot traffic can wreak havoc on a lawn. If a particular area is being used often and becoming thin, try giving that area a break and redirect traffic around that troublesome spot.

If this is unavoidable and if you have pets, you may need to look into a more hardy turf variety such as TifTuf Bermuda to help take the pain away. TifTuf Bermuda has high wear tolerance and is an absolute marvel with water, using 38% less water than other similar varieties.

#3 – Wrong mowing habits


Incorrect mowing habits such as mowing your lawn when it is wet and mowing it too short can cause issues for it in the long run. Frequent mowing of your lawn encourages the growth of a thicker and healthier lawn.

Also keeping your blades sharp or replacing them will prevent leaf damage allowing your lawn to avoid disease.

If you’re not a fan of mowing, why not get yourself a robot mower: Worx Landroid Robot Lawn Mower

For more information on mowing check out our handy article: Turf Tips: Mowing your lawn

#4 – Too much fertiliser


Fertilising too often or applying too much fertiliser in one spot can create dead patches of grass. Excess amounts of nitrogen from fertilisers can damage your lawn, make sure that you are applying evenly and at the appropriate application rate. Also, make sure that your lawn is watered properly after an application.

#5 – Dog Urine


Similar to applying fertiliser in a single spot, dog urine contains nitrogen that when not watered in can cause trouble to your lawn. To help reduce this, you can alter your dogs diet.

Giving your dog more water, then dilutes the amount of nitrogen. Feeding dogs wet canned food is another option as it is moist. Some people have had success with alternatives such as Dog Rocks.

Watering your lawn daily will also reduce the amount of nitrogen in a lawn.

Alternatively, use less fertiliser with heavy nitrogen contents.

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