3 Tips for fire pits

3 Tips for fire pits

Cool winter nights are great for fire pits, but fire and are your lawn are not the best of friends. Here are three quick tips to help you enjoy your fire pit this winter but avoid killing your lawn in the process.

Fire Pit Selection

For those lucky enough to live on acreage or to have a large backyard, they can sometimes afford to have a dedicated built-in fire pit away from their grass. For city dwellers and people on small blocks, they have to be more creative to take part in the fire pit craze.

Bunnings sell a great range of portable fire pits which can be moved to the centre of a small lawn. This way you can enjoy the fire pit during the night and then pack it away in the morning to preserve your lawn. Choosing an easy to move fire pit will make this easier.

Raise it up

If you are putting a fire pit on your lawn you can help protect your lawn by raising your fire pit up on a platform. By raising it up less heat will reach your lawn, and air can move freely underneath your fire pit protecting your lawn.

You can use bricks or pavers to create a heat shield to further protect your lawn. Then just like the fire pit itself you can move the pavers away in the morning.

Water underneath

Even with the fire pit raised up or on a platform there will still be a lot of heat reaching your lawn in the area under your fire pit. This will dry out and stress the lawn in this area.

To minimise this stress and drying out you can water the area under the fire pit during the evening. This will ensure your lawn remains well hydrated and will reduce the risk of damage to your lawn in that area.

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