3 things you may not know about TifTuf Bermuda

3 things you may not know about TifTuf Bermuda

TifTuf Bermuda is an absolute gem of a grass variety. The perfect grass for South East Queensland conditions, it has been forged by the best turfgrass scientists.

This week we hope to teach you 3 new things about this terrific turfgrass.

#1 Tiff Tuff, Tif tuff or TifTuf? : the history of the name

Tiff Tuff, Tif Tuff or TifTuf? We have seen customers spell TifTuf in all manner of ways. The origins of the name will make it easier to remember next time.

TifTuf’s name was derived from Tifton upon which the University of Georgia resides, all grasses developed here carry this name, hence a large number of Tif grasses with different qualities.

Turf research at Tifton began in 1946, with the aim to research and develop a better bermudagrass. Research for these varieties consisted of drought tolerance, resistance to diseases and weeds, overall turf quality and more.

#2 The science

TifTuf Research

Since 1992 TifTuf Bermuda has been developed and tested by Dr. Wayne Hanna and Dr. Brain Schwartz at the University of Georgia.

TifTuf Bermuda is a scientific marvel! With almost 25 years of research, it was hand-selected from 30,000 different Bermuda varieties. TifTuf Bermuda has been scientifically forged to produce a great looking and tough all-round lawn.

Bred as one of 27,700 bermudagrass genotypes, in 1999 ninety of the best were planted and tested with deficit irrigation for two years. TifTuf came out on top with its quality and green colour.

#3 Its amazing recovery

TifTuf Recovery

If you didn’t know already, TifTuf Bermuda is well known for its amazing recovery. Self-repairing and with high wear tolerance, TifTuf Bermuda is the bees knees when it comes to amazing recovery.

TifTuf Display Plot
A stunning example from scalping to recovery at our display plot

A perfect variety for water restrictions, wear and families with pets, it is hard-wearing grass with superior recovering qualities.
A recent STRI report found that TifTuf Bermuda came out on top against other turfgrass varieties for shade, irrigation and wear treatments.

This report delved deeply into:

  • The shade tolerance compared to Australian Industry-standard cultivars.
  • The effect of irrigation compared to Australian industry-standard cultivars.
  • The wear tolerance compared to Australian industry-standard cultivars.

Read more: STRI TifTuf Report

If you knew all these things about the terrific TifTuf Bermuda you are a true lawn lover!

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