3 Sir Walter Buffalo Myths

Three Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Turf Myths

This weeks turf tip we look at three of the most common myths we hear about Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo. So have a read and get to know why Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo is Australia’s favourite grass!

It’s a shade grass, it won’t grow in full sun

It’s a shade grass, it won’t grow in full sun Many people believe the Sir Walter Buffalo myth that it ONLY grows in the shade. While it does perform exceptionally in shade situations thanks to its broadleaf, this in no way affects its performance in full sun. Needing just two to three hours of sunlight per day, Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf can grow in areas where other grasses fail, and it can also be mowed at a variety of heights to suit your circumstances. The ability to perform in both full sun as well as the shade is one of the greatest strengths of Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo. This superior performance is also a big driving force behind the push for DNA Certification to guarantee our customers get the high-performance product they are looking for. Its slower vertical growth rate means Sir Walter grass requires less frequent mowing than similar turf varieties.

It needs too much water

It needs too much water Another Sir Walter Buffalo myth is that it needs too much water, especially in full sun situations. This is another Sir Walter myth that is completely debunked. Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo has a root system that grows deep, allowing it to gather moisture from deep in the subsoil. This allows Sir Walter to make the most of the moisture in the soil and not rely on more moisture being added. By giving your Sir Walter deep water at longer intervals you will force the plant to send its roots deeper further enhancing its drought tolerance and water usage.

It’s too harsh to walk on

It’s too harsh to walk on The final Sir Walter Buffalo myth on our list comes from early buffalo grasses that came to Australia not being at the high standard of Sir Walter. Early buffalo grasses suffered from being harsh underfoot leading to the myth that all buffalo grasses are harsh to walk on. Sir Walter DNA Certified is a soft leaf buffalo, making it lush and soft underfoot. This makes it the perfect grass for children and pets. Unlike inferior buffalo grasses, it is also low allergen. Inferior buffalo grasses under a microscope have a jagged edge, which is what causes the itchiness often associated with buffalo grass. Sir Walter DNA Certified has a smooth edge along its leaf which means there is no itchiness either.
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